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2/3/2004 c1 40Jareth the Monk
Starved for attention, are we? Anyhow, what can I say- it's from the heart and thats all that really matters in the end. The artist must ultimately be true to themselves, no matter how ugly the criticism gets. I believe it was Cicero who once said "My own applause holds the most weight with me." Granted, he was commonly seen as a big ego and was eventually assassinated by hirelings of some of his fellow senators, but the sentiment is not a bad one. Do what you can in your own way, be your own worst critic, but also your own best friend. Never bow to others less deserving of your respect in order to appease them for favors.
1/18/2004 c1 Amethyst Blood
Interesting take on it. I think it would maybe have been better if you did an entire tag metaphr instead of saying it so bluntly, but good job anyway.
Oh, in case you were wondering, the disjointedness in Snow is intentional. ::grin:: Sorry about that.
1/4/2004 c1 24Renee Reizman
Ah, yes, people always feel bad when they don't get as many reviews as they give out... some people are just way too stuck up, even if they /are/ a great writer.
This poem's pretty good, and even without the explination you have on the bottom (well, you're not really explaining... I don't know what to call it ^.^;) you can tell where the inspiration comes from.
12/23/2003 c1 12Genai the monster
True. I only got 1 review for my story and i posted it ages ago. Oh well. One of my keypals told me your work is really good, so I'll review everything I can. All you said there is incredibly true. more people should read this.
12/23/2003 c1 17Sven the Viking
Ack...sorry...I guess I could be one of those people...I'll try to review more often...Thanks for all your great reviews!
~Sven The Viking~
12/23/2003 c1 Lori Brennan
Found you at random and I'm glad. I love people to review me! The best reviews are the ones you get for the simple fact they read your work and liked it. They had no obligation to write a review and did one any way. This is making me feel ironic just writing a review for this poem. I enjoyed it!
12/16/2003 c1 5exsanguination
I feel the same way sometimes... No need to reciprocate! I'm actually reciprocating for you after you made me feel VERY special from your review. This is a very interesting, original subject. The symbolism is very good and everything! so keep up the good work!
11/25/2003 c1 16Scribe
ha ha! well done and well said!
11/24/2003 c1 2Vista
I know! I love the poem, but how muchh does that annoy you?

Well, good job on being passionate :D
11/10/2003 c1 Kyalia
Heheh, I know the feeling...
11/1/2003 c1 KatyGirl1219
I absolutely love it. How, at first you can't even tell it's about reviews. I love the way you tied in the game of tag and sound so child-like in your description of people not playing right (that is a compliment, sorry if it didn't sound like it)

Keep writing!

10/30/2003 c1 220Namir Swiftpaw
I know how you feel - I've left (and I am not kidding) over 100 reviews in the past three days, and I have gotten maybe 15 in return. I don't mind too much, since I already have lots of reviews...but it is nice to get some feedback.

Nice message.

Keep writing!

~Namir Swiftpaw
10/30/2003 c1 6Shinola

Kerbi caught me up and I spent forever reading his reviews, but anyway. o_o; Interesting, yes. Go Kerbi! *ahem*

I suppose this is the best place to say thankie for reviewing 'Left' for me. ^_^ You have VERY constructive critism. My teachers aren't even that helpful. W00t.

I somewhat agree with your poem, too.. Heh. I don't usually clicky on a person unless they appear to have a good review... ^_^ I should run through some more of your stuff. You do well!

Just don't ask me to critisize; I'm horrible at it, especially for Poems. Heh.

Poetry's not my thing. But anyway.

La la la! *skips off to do more reading*
10/29/2003 c1 8SugarCoatedPeaches
Good job! I know just how u feel. I just started my little acount thingy yesterday. U were the first to review my story! Thanks!
10/28/2003 c1 Kerbi again P
"I never said the person had an obligation to review me either, and yeah it is bullshit, but I was pissed off at a couple of people who I have been reviewing for the past 3 or 4 chapters of their stories and they haven't even sent and thank you note, that's the least they could do for the time I spent trying to help them."

-Yeah okay i see where you're coming from now. I thought this was like, you r/r a poem saying something like Great Poem! I love it! Keep up the great work! and then did that a few times, and got pissed cause you didnt get a nice Fluff!Pointless!Flatter!review in return. However, while i feel an author is still never _obligated_ to return reviews or even write thank yous, if i get an especially good review, i'll write a thank you note- c/c is that rare, and that valuable. So like if you had reviewed me multiple times like you said, with reviews remotely of the same caliber of the previous, i'd definitely at least send you an email thank you- that is, when my email is fixed- and probably make a special effort to r/r your work. However, i don't believe i'd be necessarily _obligated_ to do this, and the whole reason i'd be doing it is to promote c/c.. not the whole review-return-stroke-ego (:P) thing :) Damn i think i lost my train of thought somewhere there.. hope that made sense :P

"I look at it this way - things move pretty quickly around here. You post something in the general poetry section and it's off the page in an hour or two. Scifi section is a bit longer, but still it doesn't take long. But if you review all the time it doesn't matter if your story or poem is the first on the list because people will go and check out your bio and see your new stuff. Most of my poetry would have no reviews if I didn't go and review people, because then no one would notice me. I guess it just depends on how you review, but if your a constructive critisizer or a "good job, good bye" sorta person, it doesn't really make a difference, you still get your name known, and that is the unjust part."

-I completely understand with that- the quick turnover and all. It's extremely annoying how you post a poem, and cant expect to get any reviews if you didnt already in the first hour its up. the only way, apart from getting on favs, and the members-only thing at the top- which i think should be for everyone- is reviews, you're right. Visibility is everything.

However though, i do think theres a slight difference in good review v. bad review visability, cause sometimes when i get really cc deprived i go look for good reviews, then r/r them and hope for a return review. But idk if i'm the only one that does that :)

"I guess I did sound a bit like a review addict, (which I'm not and I'm gonna change things around so I don't), but aren't we all a bit? I mean what if out of everything you ever posted you never got a single review. How would that make you feel?"

-Oh hell yes i'm a review addict. I'm so much worse on ff.net. Right. If i never got reviewed, i'd r/r others- yes, i'd suck up, if only to get some decent respectable numbers, then i'd probably blackmail others into reading it. However i have some degree of fanbase from ff.net who'll read anything i write, which i really, really appreciate :)

I'll try writing.com tomorrow.. i'm supposed to be in bed in like 1 min so thats why i'm rushed :) anyways i'm glad you explained, you sound much, much more reasonable now :)

Yes.. c/cers kick ass :P


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