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for Eternal Rest

10/27/2003 c1 Tavorgwenn
I can see your point, and I completely respect your opinion. I know that there are many sides to this topic. This poem is just showing the way that I see it. The way that I believe. Thank you for looking at my poem and sharing your thoughts though. :) I really appreciate it.
10/27/2003 c1 Alfred von Schlieffen
To look at one side of such a debate is foolish. Abortiion has many aspects, and can't simply be defined as 'horrible.' For instance, what if a woman was raped? Do you believe they should be forced to go through the enormous task of carrying the baby and having it or getting a c-section?

or, are you saying that if that if your parents had aborted you, they had murdered you? Well, what if they simply decided not to have sex that one night? Considering just how many million sperm there are, odds are, yours wouldn't have had the same luck the next day. So, in other words, you would have been 'murdered,' by your parents if they decided not to procreate.

Just a thought...

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