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12/2/2009 c10 Reader
I love that all your characters are the right touch of phsycotic
10/11/2005 c10 Sally-andersonn
5 Newtons? That is a hell of a lot of pressure. I am going to spend the rest of my life with my mouth closed!
10/11/2005 c7 Sally-andersonn
This story has so much information crammed into it. I'm saying ti was good.
10/11/2005 c6 Sally-andersonn
Great thoughtful chapter. Very peaceful. I really like it.
10/11/2005 c1 Sally-andersonn
This is reall interesting. Great characters.
6/8/2005 c36 IntentionallyLeftBlank
...hm...it's ok... the plot excellent, although it's kind of farsically dystopian...?

...i dislike the characters, though... they're stale. dead. robotic. you change their views a little too dramatically, and it disrupts story flow.

...other than that, it was pretty good.

2/7/2004 c3 1Velvet Valentine
I'm only on Chapter Three, but I really like this so far. I like your style. And I will keep reading!
1/23/2004 c36 The Great Muses
That, i guess, is a better conc. than the other chapter that i just reviewed.
Over all, i think that this was a good story ... wound together very well. On a scale of one to ten, i give it a nine and a half. A well written story, i enjoyed reading it and the philosophy connected with it has taught me an important lesson. Thankyou
1/23/2004 c35 The Great Muses
This would make a good conclusion, but i see there's another chapter...
1/23/2004 c34 The Great Muses
Okay, scary ... but ok.
1/23/2004 c33 The Great Muses
Omg, what is happening? Okay, reality bites, but why so hard?
1/23/2004 c32 The Great Muses
Okay, the prologue all comes into place now ... i like it alot!
1/23/2004 c31 The Great Muses
This is unusual, but very interesting ... i'm to read more
1/23/2004 c28 The Great Muses
Okay, now. Stephen is SO disturbed that this isn't funny ...
1/23/2004 c27 The Great Muses
Oh ... the plot really thickens now!
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