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1/23/2004 c26 The Great muses
This is so sad! Poor ella ... ah well. I can't really say much ...
1/23/2004 c25 The Great Muses
This is good about the past and present and future thing! =) Sad about the little girl though ... I'm interested in reading more!
1/23/2004 c24 The Great Muses
I like this Chapter ... it's back to the philosophical and psychological aspect again ... nice =)
1/23/2004 c23 The Great Muses
nice - but i don't think that Jon would be out of hospital after an attack like that ... just a little 'plausible glitch'. But good ... =)
1/23/2004 c22 The Great Muses
This Chapter is very disturbing. Maybe you should change the genre of the story to horror or something. It's very violent, but it also ties in with the story. Very realistic and reality-ising. Good
1/23/2004 c21 The Great Muses
Are those statistics really true? Coz if they are... that's extremely sad. But nonetheless, I am enjoying reading this and you should be congratulated!
1/23/2004 c20 The Great Muses
Ella seriously has some mental issues if you ask me ... and if year 12 balls are really like this ... that's pathetic.
1/23/2004 c19 The Great Muses
I really like this ! Very good! Um ... Heh
1/23/2004 c18 The Great Muses
Okieday .. the three goals come into perspective now. A very moving piece of writing, this chapter ... I like it a lot. =)
1/23/2004 c17 The Great Muses
Why are the year 12's 16? Sry ... but that doesn't really make any sense.
The Ads are unusual ... i'm going to keep reading ... that' what i like about this story is that it keeps you reading. =)
1/23/2004 c16 The Great Muses
NOW it's getting interesting ... i new i should have kept reading ... great!
1/23/2004 c15 The Great Muses
Why hasn't Stephen noticed or acknowledged Richard? Still very good ...
1/23/2004 c14 The Great muses
I'm not sure where the story is going now ... but i am sure to keep reading and find out ... it is an interesting read. =)
1/23/2004 c13 The Great Muses
Gee ... stephen talks a lot! Crikey ... anyway ... good.
1/23/2004 c12 The Great Muses
It is a very strange relationship that Abigail and Richard have ... i can't seem to work it out. Ah well ... i'll just keep reading and find out!
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