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1/23/2004 c11 The Great Muses
Like father like son ... Hey! There was a question in the Courier and it asked what does GDP stand for ... it took me a little while to work it out, but i got there in the end. That's pretty wierd ... but never mind.
I like it still ... i'm off to read more
1/23/2004 c10 The Great Muses
It was very interesting at the dinner table, Stephen seemed to contradict himself A LOT. It was almost funny the way that he did it on a number of occaisions ... =P
1/23/2004 c9 The Great Muses
I like the future becoming past, so the future doesn't matter bit ... I liked it because it was intriguing (? Did i spell that right?) Very good!
1/23/2004 c8 The Great Muses
I must admit that i can't really see the reason for studying R & J either. I was reading it in these holidays so that i could kinda get ahead in English, and it's really hard to read. I mean, it would be easier to read a novel in Japanese that to try and translate Romeo and Juliet!
Once again, the psychology thing is showing through - America being really impressed by the CEO stuff ... Good!
But i think that maybe, unless you're planning this to be a long story, sort of a novel, that it's maybe losing the mystery bit ... just a little. But i am enjoying it!
1/23/2004 c7 The Great Muses
Now it's into psychology! Anyways ... that doesn't really matter, but what does matter is that this story makes you think ... like i said before, deep, and thought provoking. I am enjoying reading this a lot ... ta!
1/23/2004 c6 The Great Muses
I like these concepts ... very philosophical and deep. Gets the mind thinking. You wouldn't happen to be taking philosophy as a subject, would you?
1/23/2004 c5 The Great Muses
PLEASE don't tell me that you had to endure girls like that!
(Btw ... I haven't taken your 'mature' comment too seriously - I like to answer some of the reviews at the start or end of each chapter)
And what the hell is Ella up to! What a strange sad little girl. Heh. I like. =)
1/13/2004 c15 87EchoesOfReason
I'm glad it's finally finished, but alas, I don't have all the time I need to finish it in one sitting so I'll be cruising in and out through this for the rest of January, stupid exams! So expect a few reviews here and there as I read through as many chapters as I can at a time.
This is a great chapter, as was the one before it and so on and so forth. Very well written, I like the Barbie Trap, and how Stephen twisted Jon's actions to something gay. I am, however, disappointed that Jon actually got plastic surgery, but I guess that tends to happen when your father is irking you to do it.
Okay, well, I must go now, but this is a great chapter, as I've said, and I hope I get time again to read more.
Take care and great job, can't wait to finish it and see something of a higher calibur perpetuate from your skill and talent.
Love always,
1/1/2004 c2 4Emiko
Well, this story succeeds thanks to a wonderful premise. You've immediately dropped us into a mystery and given us a few twists and turns to wrap our heads around. I look forward to trying to figure out whodunit - I'll be back to finish reading!
12/31/2003 c7 87EchoesOfReason
well well...nice set of chapters ye got here buddy, very nice indeed.
Seriously though, I liked it. Richard and Abigail seem to be growing closer together as friends, she's got quite a mind, a good one at that, smart one she is. I especially liked how you described the tower as a contrast to the sky, very well spoken, piercing the sky. Well, at least I liked it, considering I like things like architecture.
Ella, ugh, sorry but I've actually met a few people like her; whimsicle people! God, I just want to RING HER NECK! Anyhoo, don't mind my anger outbursts, I've got to release pent up anger from the year before the New Year starts.
Okay, like I said before, great chapter. Very interesting actually, I liked the descriptions and especially the way you ended this one. The billboard, Abby's views, Richard's views, very well said indeed.
Now if you'll excuse me I've been sitting at this computer for quite a while and my arse is sore so I'm going to end this and walk around for a bit.
I'm anticipating the next chapter with great...erm, well...anticipation. So good luck with writing the next chapter and keep it up.
Love always,
12/25/2003 c2 3Mahuika Flame
Very very interesting. I'll be sure to read more of your writings. I like it. Keep writing. You're very good. Let me know when you have another story/chapter posted and I'll make sure to read it, k?
12/22/2003 c5 90The Zaniak
I liked it...you added another one of those Stereotyped characters that you're good at.
But I want to know; how do you come up with your last names? Nalfi?
12/21/2003 c5 87EchoesOfReason
Very -er- interesting chapter. Kind of childish if you want my honest opinion. I mean how old is Ella? Sixteen right? Well then why the hell is she acting like a six year old, I mean, really, talk to the hand? Well whatever, it's still a pretty interesting chapter. I mean what with Sherwin and Richard getting along, that's pretty cool, though I hate to thik what Jon's reaction might be. And I'm hoping that Ella will have something to do with the entire thing, the whole murder thing because that might prove to be something, considering she's so damn shallow and ditzy. Wow, I hope you don't know anybody who is really like that, because that's just sad, no really, it is. Okay, now I'm just rambling, yeah, I'll shut up now.
So are you planning on closing in on the days till the day of the murder? That'd be interesting considering it would give us insight on the whole friendship between Jon and Sherwin and Abby and Richard and even Ella -shudders-.
Well I can't wait for the next chapter so please don't keep us waiting too long.
Love always,
-I'm guessing you fixed the whole error thing with the mother?-
Anyhoo, Have yourself a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
12/20/2003 c2 4The Great Muses
M ... purple ... shiny ... m.
What? Oh .. yes. I like. Who did it? So many suspects ... so little internet time left. I shall depart, and read more!
12/20/2003 c1 The Great Muses
This interesting summary is what caught my eye out of all of your stories. If that were to be the blurb of your novel, i would definately read it. Excellent!
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