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for Burning

7/4/2005 c1 51silentslumber
This is amazing. I love the wording of it, and the images I get from reading this. The rhyming is very nicely done too ;)
12/30/2004 c1 41Jennifer Churchland
the witches of salem were not burned, 19 were hanged and one was pressed to death for refusal to answer. nice poem though. ~jenny~
12/27/2004 c1 Sadhbh
This is a beautifully written, and very moving poem.

You should be very proud of it.
12/19/2001 c1 118Thorn
Good, very good. I'm speaking as a Wiccan, and I've had a few, um, visions I guess you'd say, though they're more like freaky dreams of being burned. I've written a poem that I havent uploaded in memory of those who died in the burning times.
3/21/2001 c1 zeo
you r going 2 write 4 a living
3/20/2001 c1 16Leelee
Wow. Emotional, great imagery. Very powerful.
12/18/2000 c1 SezC
This is a very powerful piece of poetry! My friend would love this!
12/17/2000 c1 21Krista
This is such a beautiful and powerful poem. I'm definitely adding it to my list of favorites. I especially loved this because I am Wiccan.

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