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for Wish to Freedom

11/14/2003 c1 28frugale
I love stanza eleven. Both concrete, gore and poetic (well duh, this is a poem).
11/2/2003 c1 9Sarah-Angel87
WOW, I have said all these things ot myself recently and thought the same way. I wish I had your talent to get it down on paper. your words speak to me so much beacus eventhough you dont know me and you didnt mean to, you just wrote my life story. I am a new fan, beacuse we think so much alike...

*give me wings, to fly away from here* I have said these exact words to myself and thought of finding somewhere I could belong...wow i love this poem...great ob and I hope to see more from you soon.
11/2/2003 c1 21Seremela Minyatur
amzingly written poem! this is so awesome. i kno the feeling. keep writing!

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