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8/9/2005 c18 5Vollyball-Chick101
This story is one of the best I've ever read. I can't wait to see what happens next!
3/26/2005 c18 8Kitashi
Write more! I want to find out what hapens to Kalyia and James! Please update very soon! I know I have to wait, but I really don't want to...You really do have talent and I hope to see more stories from you very soon!

Sincerely,~Meilyn Rei
2/17/2005 c1 5envy me
God! this is so good. It keeps me on the edge of my seat. This is good. =)
6/18/2004 c18 12Moonlite Star
Interesting plot you've built. Suspenseful still with bits of humor makes it a must-read story. Keep writing. I hope you update soon! :)
6/18/2004 c7 Moonlite Star
I like reading something different. The way you wrote it with the diary entries makes it certainly unique. It's very suspenseful and keeps me turning page after page. :) *is off to read more*
6/13/2004 c18 angeldrg227
Hey Hey wat sup? man o man, u can tell james likes her a lot! how kawaii! welp update asap! i g2g
PS e-mail me when u do
4/9/2004 c11 FlamingHeart109
Suspense is not good! NOT GOOD AT ALL! lol, I love your story so far! You gotta reader in me! *sings to the tune of the Toy Story song* Okay yeah...I'm crazy I know. Update, update, update, update, update, update, update *get the picture yet? lol!* update update update! hehe...I'm going to Florida though, for a week, so I won't be back until around next Sunday. But I'll reveiw for any chapters I miss :-D hehe, nice job!
3/13/2004 c1 TakingBackLostTime
WOW! This is so amazing! The summary was the thing that caught my attention, 'cause i've always been real interested in CIA stories and undercover agents and all that stuff kinda stories.
I'm probably just going to read around 3 or 4 more chapters and thenn stop and read the rest when i get the time. *wipes brow* i've been out of the whole fictionpress world for AGES so i've got a lot of catching up to do.
You're a great writer, and i look forward to seeing what happens in this story. Keep up the awesome work ^_^
2/1/2004 c17 14Luelle
Hi you're story is great. i never read anything quite like this. Update soon
the punk girl
1/21/2004 c17 2Minyaithwen
Yeah! You should definalty update this one! I love it! and of course, I stayed up late to finish reading it, so I REALLY have to go now! But WONDERFUL job! Update soon! DId I mention that you're on my favorites list? Cuz you are! Toodles!
1/20/2004 c1 Minyaithwen
Sweet! This is pretty cool! I like it a lot! The shy girl with long hair, that's me, blonde waiste length hair, all the way! great job! Ch. 2, here I come!
1/16/2004 c17 angeldrg227
like this chap, update soon!
1/11/2004 c1 17Amelia-747
Hey! I love this story! I've been waiting for another chapter for what seems like ages! You have to finish it. Infact you have to finish it NOW! lol Anyway great story! That's all for now! Keep writing!
1/8/2004 c17 Friend48
Well, that was strange... why did Ali's father's agents just leave? You would think they would have kept fighting seeing as how Justin worked so hard to get Ali there. I'm glad that Ali got away safely. Hurry and put up the next chapter!
1/6/2004 c17 9poodlefreak
very good.
but wouldnt she think that james MIGHT like her? i mean, wouldnt she think tht just a LITTLE after the kiss?
i dunno, im crazy so u dont hafta listen.
anywayzerz, keep writing, go go go!
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