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for The Silence, part 3

2/2/2001 c1 cookie
HEy! That was soo good now i gotta read the next part hehe! lol! im soo nice! lol that was goood! u need more cookie parts haha! baseball bat thats some good reading! lol!
12/22/2000 c1 Maria Cordelia Deluca
I love it i love yoy i know i do keep up the good work luv ya me
12/20/2000 c1 blinkchick
Great story! MORE!
12/19/2000 c1 Maria Cordelia Deluca
Hey sis sup?

you already know what i think

keep up the good work!

luv ya

12/17/2000 c1 jacksangel88
Wow this is really great!

I can't wait to read the next!
12/17/2000 c1 slappykidd
i like i like write more soon can't wait to read the rest.
12/17/2000 c1 rebecca
Wow! this is great!
12/17/2000 c1 disco girl
This so very cool. Please continue
12/17/2000 c1 DarkHuntress
Good job Sis! Keep on writin! Glad to be the first to review TTYS

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