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3/15/2004 c16 Emma Louize
Sugoi(wow)! I liked that story. Good job!
1/1/2004 c16 11Not so Average
It finished off nicely. I liked the whole story. Maybe you should write another one!
1/1/2004 c14 38Papillon Sierra
omg omg omg she got hit by a car... very good chapter but it moved a little too fast.
12/27/2003 c16 pipergirl2003
WOW! That was an excellent story!
12/27/2003 c15 Lac0704
OMg i love this story i cant wait to read what happens next
12/26/2003 c15 2D.M. Jackson
ok ok cliffhanger why do i hate those so much aww heck it makes the story good dont it heh keep writing i love it...Fate
12/26/2003 c15 caligrl478
no she can't die! that would be so horrible. good writing though. luvs
12/24/2003 c14 D.M. Jackson
holy dude you CANT do that...thats soo cruel but i do like your story and I guess i will live but you have to continue and tell me shes ok first heh...Fate
12/21/2003 c13 christina
hey great story. Please finish the story
12/21/2003 c13 38Papillon Sierra
oh i feel so sorry for the two of them *sniffle*
12/14/2003 c12 FallenDestiny
...woah... drama...damn!...Fate
12/13/2003 c12 Papillon Sierra
*sniffle* sad... i feel so bad for lexi... ending up like so many of my characters... good thing she has sam... but i feel bad for sam too... have something happy happen!
12/13/2003 c11 Papillon Sierra
everyone is so miserable... but conflict... i like...
11/27/2003 c10 26Hunny622XoXo
great story! i want to kno more about jesse and lexi tho. but great job! :)
11/26/2003 c10 38Papillon Sierra
cute... i like sam... but don't take jesse away! no
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