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for Reluctance to Cry

11/5/2003 c1 belladonna17 toolazy to sign in
dearest tiger (okay i call you that?)

ha, i love this poem. oh, i know how you feel 'your smile still entrances me', hate that when it happens, right? and i love the pat where you go 'into the abyss that opened itself before me'. ive always wondered how many bisexuals in the world are there. guess your name will be on the list :-)
11/5/2003 c1 119AntiPleasure
Aw :'( *sniffles* very descriptive poems and I know those kinds of feelings. Good comeback you had for this poem, I haven't really seen anything from you lately heh.. "So that I may curl up with my thoughts

And my dreams

And my memories... " AW well that's depressing but cute at the same time, it ends the poem off so well and it's a very good poem at that. The title works, and I just like how you went with a free verse flow here and "Your smile still entrances me" awh! I don't know if you're broken up with this person *wipes tears* but I wish you all the best. Nice poem my dear.

*Jenna* x

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