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2/21/2006 c1 brittany
this reminds me of flowers in the attic by vc andrews. but its nice and to the point. good job
11/20/2003 c1 crossed Ts
This just makes your mind wander...there are so many things that could happen. And with people like me, some rather unusual stuff. Anyways, i find this really captivating. Excellent way of ending off.
11/8/2003 c1 74Etheral
Short. I would like to know what's happenning next. Will this be continued?

Great job!



11/8/2003 c1 Just Wolf
wow. very tantalising. i wanted to know what happens, but i loved it the way it was too. it leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions, but it is beautiful that way, just being a moment.
11/5/2003 c1 2Laralie
Hmm...this is interesting. Are you going to continue with it? It seems to have an cool plot going, though I don't quite understand it. I hope you add more.
11/5/2003 c1 anonymous
hm...I'm not sure what I think about this. Okay, that came out wrong..I do like it, and think it's a very interesting piece. It's making me wonder what was going through your head when you wrote this. The poor girl.
11/5/2003 c1 2BlearyEyes
This is definitely drawing me in, just because it's so mysterious. Nice job, as usual.

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