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11/29/2003 c1 Wrong Name Tag
Yes, well seeing as I read this ages ago, I figured it was about time to re-read it a few more times and finally review. Besides, it's a great form of procrastination ^_^
As I said before, this story is amazing. I nitpicked that other week and therefore have nothing left to say but that this rocks. I love Xavier's character, and his appearences and presence in the story. Of course, Jody's character is great, too, but there was just something about him that made the story and everything just right. Oh, and I definitely love the last five paragraphs. Excellent. I'd ramble some more, but... I do that enough regularly. As expected, awesome story.
Kudos and daisies.
11/23/2003 c1 Alise Belvidere
Oh wow. I would love to give you constructive criticism; yet, I have none to give. I absolutely loved that piece. *adds it to favorites*
11/23/2003 c1 1Dreams-Of-Destiny
WOW! That was absolutely amazing! You have such a talent for writing! I was totally intrigued. I hope you are going to write more. I love your detail... you really brought the characters to life. My only advice is - write a book someday. LOL, you could go very far, I'm sure. Keep writing!

P.S.:This is Mahaila from hp.com.

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