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11/18/2009 c36 5I Murder on Impulse
Love this story too!


8/21/2009 c36 10Sabreal
wow...what a way to end a story *looks grumpy*

am kidding. will go check out the sequel sometime soon for sure!

i'm just glad Fenix isn't ACTUALLY dead- I'd have wept to pieces otherwise :)

And Malloy-jeez I bet he can't just WAIT for the marital day to come to do horrenduous things to her...or even b4 if knowing his character.

cool story.
8/21/2009 c31 Sabreal
The last sentence (yes, those 3 little words) were extremely powerful.

Good literary technique! :D
8/21/2009 c27 Sabreal
* chokes violently until blue in the face*

nah! please tell me he didn't just order fenix's death (on a walky-talky nonetheless...hahaha)

god, i'm glad auir put her fite up for herself but it's a damn shame it has to be in the expense of Fenix (nearly had a bimbo moment there, lol)

lemme guess...roanne's involved somehow, isn't she?
8/21/2009 c25 Sabreal
am getting funny vibes of roanne. hm, i shall keep my eyes on that one...^.^

ew ew ew. she was thinking about malloy's kiss. & she LIKED it (even it a little)...Fenix, where are you? Please come save auir b4 i dunno...she decided to run off and have malloy's babies or something! lmao

Wow. First mention of auir's mom. And that was to mention that she was gonna die :( How depressing...but it's all part of the "greater scheme" isn't it?
8/21/2009 c21 Sabreal
quote "Didn’t girls like being touched?"

lol. malloy doesn't even know the beginning of it. aw...now i'm starting to pity him (not good, not good) but imagine if every single girl in planet rejected youu..aww..

ok so maybe it was ONE girl, but hey...it may have been the entire female pop. in his eyes...Maybe that's why certain men out there (in the real lyfe) hate women so much...

*bites knuckles*

No, Malloy is a BAD man! BAD, I tell you!

Little voice inside my head : But if only sum1 gave him a hug...

OK. I give up :)
8/21/2009 c19 Sabreal
Nah! Jeff died! *sob*

Well I kinda knew he was gonna from the very first chapter he was introduced.

I know I wasn't supposed 2 *bites lips guiltily* but your review response was rite at the top and the words just...jumped out at me...

Malloy doesn't actually love her? THANK GOD! But still, he's a rather nasty piece of work and even if he's not crazy over her, i do think it's suspicious he keeps touching her up (lol) even when he knows she doesn't like it...now how exactly is that beneficial to gaining the crown?

I still think Malloy finds auir attractive to some degree...but maybe not to the scale we all first thought it was..

wh00t! lovin the plot.

am not worried about roanne. she can flirt as much as she wants but i think fenix's heart only belongs to one gal..(lol)

until the next review-
8/21/2009 c17 Sabreal
God...when he was tenderly asking her why she was crying, i was like hm somethings not rite lol

and it turns out i was rite! exactly how is "sleeping" beside the princess, meant to be "protecting" her...

Malloy...jeez if you think about he could be old enuff to be her dad...*shudder* although he would've only been fifteen or so when she was born...

still! 15-year-old dads were not unheard off! in fact romeo was 15 himself and julliet was just 13! (i think...why am i mentioning shakespeare so much l8tly? lol...i don't even "like" his plays...)
8/21/2009 c15 Sabreal
Jeez, I'm hating Malloy more and more

Die, bitch, die! lol

well he ain't a bitch, but he is in my eyes! :)
8/21/2009 c11 Sabreal
Jeez Malloy- that SOB.

Wow the way I've reacted to him is almost primal- I don't think I've ever hated a character so much. (Yes, he even surpasses Voldemort, lol)

Cool story


And pls don't be embarassed over this story. Sure you wrote it a few years back but I'd like to say a good story is a good story, regardless of time. And so far, I judge this story to be good- maybe not the best EVER in the world, but it's still pretty high^^
8/21/2009 c9 Sabreal
wow...malloy's obsession on auir is starting to creep me out


especially with all those lil monlogue's he keeps spouting (he's like iago from Othello. You know, the bad guy who keeps revealing his evil plans through long siloquies-lol)

Hope auir doesn't die her like desdemona tho-

fingers crossed, eh?
7/31/2009 c36 goanywhere

okay, first off, sorry that i haven't reviewed at all.

but i got into this story.

and i'm just sitting here. kind of mad.

sorry, but i wanted the two of them together.

but i love this story so much.

but one thing that's going to annoy me.

it's state of the ART...not arc. haha.

but really, i do love this story.

i absolutely aiur and fenix.

i also absolutely HATE mallor.

just gah him.

i want him to go and perish in a pit.

i'm glad i found this story!
3/13/2009 c2 5christinaxxyo
Your story seems pretty cliche so far but the characters also seem very interesting. I can't wait to find out more about them :)
10/30/2008 c36 3Not Who I Look Like
wtf Y? I luv this story! ur an amazing writer!
10/22/2008 c36 2priscus-aoife
oh no! poor Aiur! Malloy is evil.

i liked the story! its not bad, like you said it was at the start. good work :)

i cant wait to read the sequel! (im assuming there is one... well i hope there is!)
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