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11/7/2003 c5 Midnight Owl
excellent start! i really like your story so far... it's very intriguing! i don't quite understand the flashback stuff but i'm sure it will all be explained soon enough! thanx for reviewing my story... i'm very grateful. i'm glad you like it! i really enjoyed reading your story.. update soon plz! i don't quite understand what time period this story is in... but i like it... update soon plz...

oyeah: some constructive criticism: i think when you said goggled you meant oggled (dunno if that was the last chap. or this one!)
11/7/2003 c5 cOOkiMoNsteR626
nice~like the dialogues...they're great..n go aiur! she should've beaten up that stupid nurse...anyway, hope u update soon! gotta work on my own stories...-_-;;...wellz, keep up the awesome work! i love fenix's character...
11/7/2003 c2 cOOkiMoNsteR626
hehe...srry, too lazy to sign in. k, well, this is great. i like the name fenix...i used it too in one of my stories...i also used other names frm starcraft in one of my other stories. good game, huh? well, onto the next chapter!
11/7/2003 c4 kimsterz
Whoa...okay he has feelings for her =D. That whole guardian "Milady"/"Sir" stuff kinda womps. LOL WOMPS. Geez Malloy's such a git. Geez now i've got a Recess/HP theme going on here. Bloody hell! Alright...I'm working on FF.net one...I'm thinking of the title Torn Apart...alright?
11/7/2003 c3 pixistixrgood4u
I won't be able to read this for a few days because I'll be out of town, but as soon as I get back I'll try to catch up as quickly as possible!
11/6/2003 c1 silly
k8! awsum story already! gota rite more~ cute romance.. lolz
11/6/2003 c1 sher

good stuff!

someone's on their way to being a famous writer...
11/6/2003 c1 Danieeeeee
wow, what an awesome piece of short writing. U should try to expand more though...I want to read the rest of it @_~ newayz...well I guess u have a very negative view on guys... but it sounds like a story based on a 17 yr old...so...itz like u are burdening him w/ like indecisive and heavy responsibilities. As a teenager, u have not seen da whole world yet cuz the future is yet waiting for u to challenge it @_~ Good job, keep it up!
11/6/2003 c3 25elohimdancer319
ohh, i don't like cliffies. no fair. off to a good start.

11/6/2003 c2 Mackenzie Louise
OK, I just read the longer summary and it sounds like this is going to be a very sad story, so I would like to be warned if I should get a box of tissues. Thank you.
11/6/2003 c1 Mackenzie Louise
Absolutely fantastic! This is really good and well written! I love it! And I love Fenix. But I have a question. How do you prenounce Aiur? I'm having a lot of trouble with that. Anyway, post more soon! This really is good, and that's saying something because I don't normally read things that take place in a castle.
11/6/2003 c1 Sky
I LOVED IT! I really like Aiur already. Great character as far as I've read. Fenix sounds really awesome too! I can't wait to read more so update soon!
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