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for Of a tall man

11/29/2005 c1 Rogan James
Impressive! If i wasn't supposed to be studying for a test in 20 minutes i would read your other chapters! This is so wacky and off the wall it's fantastic. Can't wait to have some more free time to read more!
11/8/2004 c5 7Lightness
hello there, lunch.
well, that was an interesting chapter. that mant critter is a somewhat freaky [youre very very good at writing about odd-freaky things].
soo.. how will the tall man get away from this tall mant? surely he cannot live with the mant forever. that would make a very long story.
8/16/2004 c5 8Raven Oghma
Ah, you changed the title. I think I like this new title better, too. This new chapter was amazingly well-written; I can't wait to read more! I hope you update soon!
-Raven Oghma
3/23/2004 c4 7Lightness
well... this was odd.
that part about the cockroaches at the dinertable thing reminded me of this dream i had a while back. it was very scary (the dream was. i find cockroaches and worms to be very frightful). stepping on cockroaches with bare feet.. thats disturbing.
atleast the tall man got away. big phew. now i cant wait to see what other things he encounters in this sea. will he meet this blue animal that the pirates were talking about?
write more.
3/22/2004 c4 8Raven Oghma
OOh! A new chapter! Lovely as ever with quite a twist. I enjoyed this immensely. Do keep up the great work!
-Raven Oghma
3/21/2004 c1 9Admiral Rupert
That was so freaking hilarious. You have a gift for nonsensically logical humor. It's awesome. I must read more.
3/16/2004 c3 7Lightness
you added another chapter! (gasp!) i didnt know that! hmm.. id added you to my authoralert thinge. i wonder why it didnt show up...
anyway. this story is soo very odd. its the epitome of all oddness.
and that howeress was scary. she made me think of this one monster-thing i saw from somewhere.. im not sure where but it was somewhere. monsterous-ratish-creatures are kinda feaky.
anyway. you should write more soon. i love this very much. ive added you to my authoralert thing (again).
bye for now.
1/12/2004 c3 8Raven Oghma
This is absolutely wonderful! A delight to read! I added it to my Favourite Stories. Amazing job!
12/16/2003 c3 imlostandconfuddled
The howeress scared me. In fact, all the little hower people things scared me. Very very much. Excellent job on them though.
12/13/2003 c1 2The Pretenders
Wow. This is so weird that it weirded me out.
"I am a tree. Trees cannot speak. I cannot speak. I am a tree." Said the tree purposefully.
The tall man could not help but acknowledge the logic of the tree.
I don't think i could manage to even think like that. This is so weird. I like it. wow. hehehe. Weird...
12/3/2003 c2 imlostandconfuddled
I must say that I only realized the reason you used a cat was because you like them so much. Yes I am rather slow. But one question...did you possibly model the cat in the story with the personality your cat has at home? Anyway, as I said before, brovo on the story, it is very very you. See see see Im a supportive friend, you should thank me sometime.
11/25/2003 c2 7Lightness
this is absolute crazyness. i really liked it. your word choice is wonderful. and you dialogue is also very nicely written. wonderful story. keep writing. kay, bye now.
11/25/2003 c1 Lightness
lol. oohh maan. this is a fun little story. it kinda reminds me of mojo jo jo and animal farm kinda put together... kidna... (i make random connections but o well). anywayz. tralks and heaks. thats awesome. great job. on to the next chapter.
11/16/2003 c2 1Mark Slack
This story is extremely entertaining all around. The dialogue is witty, the prose is original, the descriptions are detailed in such a way that it is easy to jump right into the story.

The absurdism that pervades these chapters is surprisingly easy to accept, and the climatic, yet anti-climatic endings creates a new writing style that I have never encountered before.

Oddly enough, this anti-climax makes the story a stronger sense of reality, yet at the same time the absolute ridiculousness of the story brings about a sense of an "Alice in Wonderland" type unreality.

This balance, strangely enough, allows for an extraordinary reading experience.

Great job! I can't wait for more chapters.

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