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for Tomorrow

6/25/2004 c1 harrangatang
i doubt that any reviews so far have critiqued this piece past the point of gramatical and spelling errors. althought the piece may have had little structure, it can sometimes become dull and dificult to understand poetry which is bound by a code of rules so tight as to limit the author's vocabulary usage and creativity. i am stunned by both your lieterary and artistic ability and while i would greatly enjoy helping you edit this piece, i belive that your talent is so far beyond mine, that i can not begin to comprehend any errors that may be in this work.
3/25/2004 c1 6Nallasariel the Weeper
Nice poem! But, alas, the rhythm needs a bit of work. What you do for that (At least, what *I* do for it.)is have roughly the same amount of syllables in each line. Sprt-of like Haiku, exceot not as controlled. I'm no good at Haiku because I need freedom in what I do.
*`~Nallasariel the Weeper

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