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for Neon Golden

12/5/2003 c4 Just Wolf
mm. i liked it especially the beginging, and the descriptions of the photographs. and the "gohst mom" thing. it was really good. it was beautiful, too, intoxicating.
12/1/2003 c3 10talesoftrepidation
wow, i REALLY like the way you write. REALLY REALLY like. it's very emotional. it's like the person telling it is bitter, but feels like she has to force it out. bitter and trying to tell it as calmly as possible, but then you can picture the tears filming in their eyes as the emotion rushes over them and they're left breathless with tears and still trying to see straight and talk straight...
and i like the plot a lot too. i wasn't expecting this at all. and i think really negatively...wow, good. touching. irking. creepy...
keep writing or else i will die.
11/26/2003 c3 Just Wolf
i loved how you wrote it, like it was someone speaking. and the characters really shone through, china and rye, it was so beautiful. i loved the ending. it was a very powerfulc hapter, almost a story in it's own right. it was beautiful, and i loved it.
11/22/2003 c1 54Werecat99
I liked it. Dark, a bit creepy but beautiful.

You might want to check the upload, though. The punctuation was a bit messed up.
11/17/2003 c3 17Laisse Beton
So good. Dramatic without being ridiculous and unbelievable. I like the cinematic descriptions. Nothing has to be perfectly tied up like tennis shoes. Beautiful.

-Laisse Beton
11/13/2003 c3 38Twixt Realities
Wow,when reading this I got an eerie feeling, but a sign of a powerful piece. Amazing descriptions and metaphors :-).

11/9/2003 c2 Just Wolf
oh, that was so beautiful. it was really perfect, really real. it was so easy to imagine, like i'd lived it all before. i loved the descriptions of naming the children, and i loved their names. it was lovely, and lonely, and i can't wait for more...
11/8/2003 c1 Just Wolf
some really, really nice descriptions in there. it was very painful, and powerful. i think i might of understood it better if i'd known what all those songs were like, but i only knew the smiths one. it was a sweet story though. bittersweet. and very real. very harsh. whispers. who doesn't know abt them?

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