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10/19/2004 c1 6R.M.Whitaker
Did you know that the Aztecs called themselves Lamenites? Becouse there was this family that came across the Ocean from Jeruselem back in 600 BC who had six sons; Nephi, Sam, Laman, Lemual, Joseph, and Jacob. And Laman and Lemual hated Nephi becouse their father trusted him with more stuff even though he was their yunger brother. So their desendents became two groups, the Nephites and the Lamanites. Well, about 400 AD, the Lamanites destroyed the Nephites and by the time Columbus came over from Europe, there were only Lamanites left and they had devided themselves into tribes.
It's really quite interesting. I've read a book written by a Nephite and his reckord was found and made into a book that has the whole history of Meso America. It's called the Book of Mormon, cuz Mormon was the Nephite who wrote it. You should read it sometime.
4/23/2004 c1 Anonymous
Bloody brilliant! One of the most amazing pieces of writing I've ever seen.
4/11/2004 c1 meL
omg u retart issi i cant believe u put my history notes up u were only supposecd to study them not place them on fictionpress *rolls eyes* haha u idiot hahah at least i know where to come if we ever have a surprise test on this stuff! =)

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