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6/17/2004 c1 2EithneAmmadon
Hey! Its Tate! From ff.net? Hi!
This is pretty good. Kind of choppy, but a good plot so far. Damn you people with good plots! .
I like the fact that you talk about vamps being 'numb.' V. nice.
Okay, well, I'll finish rreading this later. I'm gonna look at your other stuff. :P
4/11/2004 c4 4crimson-crawler
Your fic gave me a jump (in the heart I mean) positively ^_^v bcoz it has hints of shonen ai especially the part where he pinned him to the wall but you know what's a little disappointing...the narration using the first person made it confusing because your latter works were narrated by Aniron
4/7/2004 c4 7Tormented Soul
Heiyo! Well it has been a long time! (look who's talking!) I haven't been able to update too. Anyway, good chapter! I like the way you described the "encounter" between Israfel and Aniron. *winks* hehehehe! Keep it up!
4/7/2004 c4 psyche-prodigy
^_^ ‚±‚Ì•¨Œê‚Í’j‚ÌŽq‚É’j‚ÌŽqŠÖŒW‚Æ‚ ‚邱‚Æ‚ð
12/22/2003 c3 3Kiyume
This is still so good, but I have a question. How old is Naem now, and does she refer to John as a parent or a guardian? Anyway, update soon!
12/18/2003 c3 1Machinegungirl
This is Destiny and sorry for not being able to check your fics nowadays, but I'm very happy for you have updated! ^^ *throws confettis* I'm dedicating a story for you guys and I'll post it as soon as I can!
12/15/2003 c2 joanne costo
kyra! azteeg ng story mo! it reminds me of vampire chronicles. i really like the plot but the setting is very vague. i don't know when and where it happened. why not make the conversations between aniron and john kinda.. you know, old fashioned. but quite modern when they talk with the mortals since vampires are great pretenders anyway.
i also suggest that you should describe the features of these great vampires so that one would visualize your opinion about what gorgeousness is all about.
as sum total, i really like your story. keep it up!
12/15/2003 c3 snow queen
wow. hanga talaga ako sayo, kyra! batang henyo! hehehehe!
hm. you have a few typos and wrong tense use in the version you put
up online.
and dun sa first parts ng story, mahirap i-destinguish kung babae o
lalaki si andy at kung anong time frame ginaganap yung story.
when're you gonna tell us what happened to aniron and bliss? bagay
sila! pero medyo malabo yung pagkadevelop ng "feelings" ni aniron
for her.
parang ung nangyari kay kate and leopold sa kate & leopold (hehe...
redundancy!). bigla nalang na-inlove si leoppold kay kate? BAKIT?
how? he's known her for like... a few hours and suddenly he's madly
inlove? HOW? i know it's possible pero HOW. oh well. suggestions
nangangati na nga ung mga daliri ko kasi gusto ko nang mag-edit.
print out mo para malagyan ko ng markings ng aking handy-dandy red
ballpen! ;D
pero maganda yung story! i LOVE it. parang vampire chronicles
talaga. and i think the whole naem angle made it even more like it
(claudia and louis-silent 's'-remember?). magiging sila ba ni
andy? bagay! ehehehehe... whatevs. what can i say? i'm a romantic.
11/21/2003 c1 1Elyon E. Silvertongue
Very good! Very feeling, I liked it. It's probably just me, I'm quite soft and romantic, but it seemed quite sad to me. Oh, well. I liked it a lot. at least 9/10.
11/19/2003 c2 James Jago
Bit gothic for my usual tastes, but nicely written. I await further chapters with interest.
11/9/2003 c2 4crimson-crawler
Ah! Buti naman na update mo na ^_^ Question bakit parang nagjump ka mula sa storya ng chapter 1 to chapter 2 nagiba bigla yung storya? anywayz the fic is honest to goodness good and super interesting *winks*

byebye^_^v keep up the good work

Teka this is my 3rd review ah!
11/7/2003 c2 3Kiyume
OOh! Goodie! This story has some fabulous cliffbreakers! I beg of you that you continue soon!
11/7/2003 c2 Destiny
It is getting very interesting...keep it up! ^^ Azure was right, this is a good fic! So update before I...er just update!
11/7/2003 c2 Crimson Devil
Hey there, grim'alkin! This is Nikka! I'm really starting to like your fic now! ^-^ Nice choice of words and very descriptive! I think I have a crush on Aniron...hehehehe... You described him too wel. Please update! Oh yeah, could you by any chance check out my fic/s at fanfiction.net? My pen name's written like this: Crimson Devil
11/7/2003 c1 3Forsakn
Pretty. :D
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