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for The Midnight Forest

12/24/2003 c2 90SweetGrape
Hey- it just deleted my whole review:( try again!
Very sharp and eerie and evil, like the shadows are going to attack you.
"cold as devil's bone"- the cold as bone idea is effective, but for some reason the devil part doesn't sit well with me- I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe I just never connected devils with coldness before.
2nd last stanza had the rhythm a bit off.
'ever-deathly bleak'- great phrase, well said.
'Violent as a cheated wife'- but could you blame her?;) Great simile though, shows rage, hurt, betrayal.
... um... somehow, I think I'd prefer to be with the fairies:)
12/24/2003 c1 SweetGrape
Sweet, pretty and enchanting picture- charming descriptions. 'quiet as a forbidden sojourn'- nice line!
'Cherry-flavoured enchanted bliss':)
Nothing much to say except how softly delightful it all sounds! (seriously- the word delightful just suits this piece!)
Suits the fairy theme very well:)
12/7/2003 c2 16amethystdawn
It's evil. Hmm, never did like the foul creatures. But, great poem. Your description of them seems to suit them perfectly. c", So vile. So evil. Great poem! ^_^ I look forward to more of these poems. So what's your next poem? Witches? Nymphs? Dwarfs? Smurfs? Centaurs?
12/7/2003 c1 amethystdawn
I luv fairies. (eyes dilute and enlarge) And I luv the way you describe them. Plus, it rhymes. Great work! ^_^
11/7/2003 c2 82Princess Cora
ooh neat! I liked the similies, very good... still some meter things going on, but overall very good.

I don't know, I would think trolls as more of a forest-y darkness, ya know? *shrugs* whatever. ~Cora Windover
11/7/2003 c1 Princess Cora
I loved the descriptive words, this was really great and gave the perfect image of fairy-ness. It's just the meter could use some work, perhaps stick to one cadence so it doesn't get confusing. The times where it was really together had a wonderful effect -

Candied glitter sprinkles down,

Onto fairy trodden ground.

it moves very well, but there are other places-

Tender like a mother's eyes,

Still as heartbreak's goodbyes.

the second line there is short a syllable.

Anyway! GREAT poem. ~Cora Windover

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