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for Difficult Love

2/21/2005 c7 Thirds
I usually don't take the time to review what I read...Though a lot of what is posted on here isn't worth the effort...your story is...I really do like it...and even if some of the moments are a little strange the story is good...don't take it down...people will warm up to it
12/11/2003 c5 13Faded Soulfire
Hey, sorry for taking so long to review and for my lack in reviewing. I'm just currently doing a lot of things. I'm trying to catch up with a story that I haven't updated in nearly half a month... and then I have my beta check over it.. Hehe, I can never check my own work. It never works, but other's stuff, I'm amazing at. Anyway, here is what I think:
I like the whole woods thing and how we're slowly learning about Alex and how fond Lucy has grown of him. His coldness is a little disturbing but I guess he's just had it rough. I like the direction of this story and if I have time, I'll have my friend get onto fictionpress and hopefully get her to read and review your story.
Good luck with reviews and good luck with chapter 7 and so on. As soon as the Christmas Holiday comes up, I might be a little busy with visiting relatives and my birthday is 5 days after christmas.. So I'm going to have a very busy holiday. So, write as much as you can and I really hope you get inspired
Thanks. Faded Soulfire
11/13/2003 c3 Faded Soulfire
Alex isn't very friendly. But, I have a feeling that Lucy isn't going to give up on him... and that's what I gather through the title of the story and everything. Gah, and I'm so sorry for not reviewing sooner! I had no clue that you updated! Ahh, anyway, please keep the chapters coming. It's a marvelous story you have going here!

Faded Soulfire
11/7/2003 c1 Jalnyfen
I really like your writing style. :)

Just you make a few minor mistakes, which i suspect are more due to not having english as your first language rather than carelessness.

"Maybe" is a single word, generally people will only write it as May be in sentence where "it" directly precedes it.

ie. "It may be that we shall have to..."

There is also the usual smattereing of grammer and punctuation, but i don't think you really need to worry about them as you are not really making that many and really it's just practice which lowers how many mistakes of that kind you make.
11/7/2003 c1 Faded Soulfire
This is a very good story! Granted, I've never read the old version before, but I really love this one. I really like Lucy Kane's character as well... Jimmy is pretty interesting and so is Lora. I look forward to what comes next. So, I hope you plan to keep up with this story.

-Faded Soulfire
11/7/2003 c1 Queen Vegeta
I haven't read ur first version, but this one is great! I can't wait for the rest of the story. I think the hole chapter was perfict! Ur a realy good writer. I realy like the charector Lucy Kane. I think alot a girls can relate to her. Well, keep up the good work! Latter.

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