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11/29/2003 c2 5Yumi-Hitomi
I loved the way you wrote these two descriptions. I saw in the summary section under the title you mention Robert W. Smith. He has got to be one of my favorite composers. He wrote this song called Africa: Song, Ritual and Ceremony ... something like that, and one of my highschool's bands that I'm in *there's four and I'm in the two older ones.*.. played it for our fall concert. Oh, man it was amazing, sent goosebumbps down my arms. Absolutely amazing. Over the summer, the marching band for the highschools played this song called Symphonies of Gaia, and holy man, was that song awesome. It was all ethereal, just insanely cool. I'm glad you can appreciate good music like that to such an extent. There aren't many of those kinds of people left.

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