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8/13/2004 c23 1I Try
...*shifty eyes*... *steals Brandon and runs very far away, but not before leaving Lucas and Justin in a crate on her doorstep*
Mwuahahaha! I shall send you postcards from the Poconos!
5/16/2004 c23 Midnight Owl
this is SUCH a great story. i'm so glad you had me read it because honestly i adore it. i have to go watch the charmed season finale but i really enjoyed reading this and you MUST UPDATE SOON. i really love this (especially donovan- AWW)
5/16/2004 c2 Midnight Owl
great start... i really am exhausted and i have a lotta hw to finish (and about seventy chapters of a book to read for gov't) but i really like it... and i'm not usually into "young adult" genre. but i'll def. keep reading when i get the chance. i'm glad you like my taste in music. it seems that my fic "gypsie" opened me to a lot of genres by different people who like my style and others. do you know "kill hannah"? check 'em out. keep up the writing and i'll review again when i get a chance to finish this!
2/25/2004 c20 28stardust474747
wow this is good...how much longer do ya think
1/17/2004 c20 20Ashes of Marie
This story has so much potential and if it was cleaned up a bit and more organized, I think you could get it to go somwhere.
12/15/2003 c18 11DreamNightmare
omg! i wanna kill her! lol sorry i took so long 2 read this...busy w/ skool work :/...o well great chapter lylas late
11/28/2003 c17 DreamNightmare
this was interestin lol i liked it tho update soon lylas
11/22/2003 c16 DreamNightmare
how kawaii! :) lol..i loved the chappie...rite more soon lylas late

11/13/2003 c15 DreamNightmare
now those...were sex scenes lmao...great story tho...every1s gonna do that shit soon...first heather then shy whos next? lol j/k neways nice story lylas late

11/9/2003 c7 DreamNightmare
omg this was great! a lil confusin at one point but great! brett reminds me of my friend brett (lol literally) neways i love this story update soon lylas late


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