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for Wooden Dolls

9/13/2008 c1 2Keona Raynalise
WOAH Ive herd this story before? i think i saw it on tv or something...u made it creepier though...
9/2/2005 c1 3DiamondTearDrops
Creepy... very creepy. I kind wish it wasn't so dark and late here in my house...
3/18/2005 c1 Cooties
Creepy little girl!
3/1/2005 c1 1Kraven the Hunter
6/24/2004 c1 1spidey waz here 10 min ago
This is based off of a Twilight Zone episode, isn't it. Except on that one the babysitters turned into barbie-like dolls. Okay, I am just not impressed with the LOOSE base on the episode.
3/21/2004 c1 ThaIceLady
What the fuck? That was freaking awesome! Awesome story. Definately different.
3/4/2004 c1 1a moo
OMG, dat was scary/freaky! *shivers and shakes* wow, Alicia is scary!
2/26/2004 c1 5KitiKat
Good job! I think you got this from Jessica Simpson's debut on the Outer Limits or some other freak show that was like that. Because when I read this, that was all I could think about. But the story is your own and the little details make it different. If you didn't see the show, then you would do good as a writer of shows or something!
2/15/2004 c1 2Minyaithwen
...::shiver:: Amazing
12/26/2003 c1 punkrockprincess900
WOAH! That was som freaky stuff...i'm getting chills just thinking of it *shudders* i can like here her voice high and freaky like *shudders* that was so scary! you're going to give me nightmares...THANK YOU! no j/k it takes alot to scare me THAT bad, anyway i love this fic and please keep up the awesome work, maybe even make a new one? :]

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