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11/25/2003 c1 7Tainted Tears
I can relate, even though I'm usual a semi-happy person. Well, with people that is, by myself? Loner indeed...

I dig, might wanna try spacing the sentences though...
11/21/2003 c1 12fyre-girl
i know i cant be there for real since i am just some girl over the internet and that this is probably an empty meaningless gesture but i would like to be there for you if u ever need to talk. all i can be for u is words on a page but sometimes that is all a person needs. even in the short amount of time i have known u, u have saved my sanity (no pun intended) several times. i may not be able to pinpoint them exactly but i know u have. i want to repay that generoisity. we are both writers so words on a page can be the best kind of medicine. no apology is necessary for you extended absence. it is all in the past. lets embrace the present and the future. the time to live is now, and i wish to help anyway i can. i love you jaimey. ~fyre-girl
11/13/2003 c1 22046
very depressing but very good it's well written *_*

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