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for Rain

11/12/2003 c1 20the hope conspiracy
i love rain, its so soothing. i hate when people tell me this when you know it is absolutely not true, but, i really do think i know how this feels.

Thanks for reviewing mine. I'm gonna go check out your other stuff now


11/12/2003 c1 Andrea FeltonMills
That is very good! ir really rox heaps.

i'm tom felton and millsy's girlfriend!

good luck 4 ur exams!

u rok

i rok 2

we both rok

apples are nice


watch idol!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
11/12/2003 c1 choog
wow, it's heaps good..

u'r so deep n meaninful in ur poems. dats reali funki :)

i think i like dis the best outa all ur poem/song things
11/11/2003 c1 28h4xx0r
I like really like this one. It showed a lot of clear emotion without becoming massively subjective, I struggle with that sometimes, so well done!

Generally well structured and set-out, although I think "strife" was kinda overkilled.

But hey, nice one.

11/11/2003 c1 22Viksy81
So heartbraeking
11/11/2003 c1 22Gevo
Angsty... and well written...

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