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2/23/2010 c2 Alpharoyale
*GLARE* Update!Update!Update!


I loved it through and through, I love your writing style, it kept we captivated all the way through and pleading for more!

I definitely can't wait to read MORE!XD SO AWESOME!
1/28/2008 c2 2Serolina
I love the way this story has started off.

It seems like such a great story already! i want to find out what happens next, so please don't forget about this story!

-^ - ^-
8/8/2004 c2 3alittlepilot
o only two chapters *sigh*
i love this one. it has all these possibilities.
5/30/2004 c2 xenocaster
my god... and you only have 4 reviews? that was an exilent peice of work. i can only hope that you write more soon!
11/30/2003 c1 tmelange1
That was quite an interesting beginning! More soon, please!
11/22/2003 c1 1NameChange
I'm intrigued. *waits for next chapter*
11/18/2003 c1 5Seirvitas
LOOK! I read it just like I said I would didn't I? I really think this is better than the minstrel boy *though I still love it* The writing is absolutely beautiful and I'm already hooked. You really must write more soon dear or else I think I may die. AND I REALLY DONT LIKE THIS VIGNUS CHARACTER! He cant take julian away from the one he loves even if they ARE a mixed blood whatever. I really like Taliesin and don't want the bad man to do bad things to him. *snuggle* They didn't even get to nuzzle each other yet. WRITE MORE BABE and I'll love you forever XD

11/18/2003 c1 SweetSun
Well, this most certainly is more interesting than I thought from the summary.. glad I decided to read it! :)

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