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for Assorted Bad Poems

11/16/2003 c5 39Sakura163
I hate winter! Like your poem; hate the topic! lol j/k

Again nice imagry in line 2, but kind of the same thing you said in the hockey poem!
11/16/2003 c4 Sakura163
I didn't like this one! I think you should have stuck to couplets, it just didn't flow like your others! Well, if you practice with free verse it will get better! (by the way I can't write in ryhme!)
11/16/2003 c3 Sakura163
It's good! This is my favorite so far!
11/16/2003 c2 Sakura163
Another good one ! Gpood topic! I love hockey!

I loved line 3, great imagry.
11/16/2003 c1 Sakura163
I thought this was a nice couplet poem!

Give yourself some credit! It was good!

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