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3/25/2018 c14 Acie
"I live" - She says-before completely disappearing for eight years and leaving us on a cliffhanger.
Please come back and update!
9/16/2015 c9 Guest
agh i can't find a single story w/ a female protagonist that doesn't mind swearing jeez i hate it why sorry i shouldn't be bitching like this but whyyy
9/16/2015 c4 Guest
HOLY SHIT this is fucking deep that poem though my empathy is blazing 4 jae
9/16/2015 c2 Guest
eeek tia has GUTS i mean like GO GIRL
1/30/2013 c14 BRM
Love it, can't get enouth please update soon!
8/13/2012 c14 7Kildosad
Dahhhhhhh! Urge so frustrating I need to know what happens next...:( pretty please update soon, and btw, the story rocks!
7/1/2012 c3 cool.glasses.chick
that poem was really good!
12/4/2011 c14 3SunshineRay
Hey this is story is awesome ... FWOAH at the cliffhanger " can't wait to see what happens next!
9/27/2011 c14 6Anime Misstery
This story is really good! I love it so far, I can't wait to see what happens between Jae and Tia xD Good luck and update soon!
7/29/2011 c14 Toocoolforyou
I love how Jae is evolving and really finding stable ground now. The characters are so relatable (Maybe not Jae) but in same ways, very life like. The dialogues are realistic and I find that the connection that Tia and Jae have is very real and human. I can't wait to see how it all plays out. I assume Simon Delacor will be more or less having a confrontation with Jae soon? Anyways, you are a lovely writer and a person. Thank you for reading this and I wish you the best (:
7/12/2011 c14 9Binkybaby
I loved this! Update soon!
5/2/2011 c5 Bloodrose8264
Hello, just wanted to say I LOVE your story, its awsome really but there was one thing that got to me...Islamic traditions are not barbaric and/or tuoterous, that realy annoyed me(no offence) I mean all religions have their momments, like look how much people the christians burned on assuming that they were witches. I just don't think that pointing out on ONE religion was all that fair...please reply. btw I love Tia, she's not like the other girls who look around helpless waiting for someone to save Them!
4/26/2011 c14 JubbaBubba
Man, I love this story. I really hope you update soon because you are depriving us of a wonderful piece of fiction : )
4/3/2011 c14 viietbaybee123
I love this story! Jae's character is a little messed in the beginning, but Tia's hilarious! Very well done! Update soon :)
2/18/2011 c14 crissy19
update update update
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