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6/25/2008 c13 REader

*runs around in circle giggling happily*

YYAY ttehe =P


Jae in a bathrobe.. hopefully not fully closed..

Jae and tia are just too cute =)

and your writing is great, nothing to worry about

you should watch some korean or japanese dramas to research some more awkward moments


i watched the korean movie "Marrying the Mafia" it was hilarious.. techinically there are three movies and the second and third follow on from one another.. but 2 and 3 weren't that great

the mafia are awesome... i can't remember my last review but i actually saw like 4 bosses in japan.. they were meeting in a restaurant i was walking past.. apparently this restaurant charges like $250 to just enter... and then you pay for their expensive food...

but one of my friends wasn't really looking where he was walking because he was admiring the sights and got fully shoved by one of the body guards...scary

i started laughing and all the body guards are fully staring at me... and i was like "oh shit"

but then they just turned away.. *phew*

and they had their whole line up of parked black cars on the street and extra guys in black suits hovering around the cars

it was very very very cool.. that was one of my greatest memories of my trip to japan.


keep on keeping on (it seems to fit nicely when writing a review)

6/25/2008 c13 22Kohlomere
Wow. Talk about angst...

It's terrific!

6/25/2008 c13 4Madame Jenn
This story puts a smile on my face. I'm really interested in reading Jae's point of view next. Keep it up. :]
6/25/2008 c13 2ValSilph
ahh! I LOVE this story to death! You have to update soon! :D :D
6/25/2008 c13 Preethy
I love it!

Update soon please. I only read this story for the first time today and I finished reading it all and now I'm addicted.
6/25/2008 c13 8Ajaz
...would really like to see Jae's point of view on this chapter.

Anyways, question, sorry. What is Tia's mom's job? (not sure about the grammar here, but...) I mean, why is she constantly not there at Tia's house?

But anyways. I previously ignored your story for the first couple of times I came across it - mainly because I kind of got sick of reading stories in which the main female protagonist in the first chapter wakes from her bed...but it's better now, and so is the summary. So it's all good. ^-^

Review Concluded.
6/25/2008 c13 daling
aww..please update.?


hehe. love ur story!
6/25/2008 c13 The one and only
Another amazing chapter! anyway loved the kiss between them (it was HOT) and the "He's my brother" part...funny

P.S- See i did review, you better sic Jae on me now! lol
6/25/2008 c13 6Birds and Boats
o do i get a story hint? since, technically I'm reviewing. But really only to tell you that i can't wait to see Jae's perspective on what just happened. I am excited...hurry up and update ;)
6/25/2008 c13 3emotionless-stares
o0o they KISSED! Anyway, lol nice for her lying to her friends. It's obvious it didn't work. Lol, it's funny that she was concerned with her kissing technique since he managed to pass out after kissing her. Well, update soon! I can't wait to read more.
6/25/2008 c12 emotionless-stares
Ah! He's affected by her! Awesome. Anyway, he's just a lazy genius isn't he? It's cool that she's tutoring him. Means more time with each other! lol.
6/25/2008 c11 emotionless-stares
That was a morbid poem but she hit a nerve in him didn't she. I really do think he's bipolar or something lol.
6/25/2008 c10 emotionless-stares
Lol, the tent scene was hilarious. Grabbing his face like that and screaming. I love their arguments. It's cool that she said thanks. He's getting affected isn't he?
6/25/2008 c9 emotionless-stares
Lol, she got him as a partner. He really is full of emotions huh. I'm so happy that she helped him.
6/25/2008 c13 9GryphonFledglingOfSilverWings
You're alive! And the story is still alive! *dies*

Glad to see Jae and Tia back in action. I'd missed them.

Hm... THE scene. I enjoyed it. Incredibly cute, what with it in the rain and all. It's like one of those old romance movies. My biggest critique of it would be that it appeared a little contrived. Why would Jae be enough of an idiot to stick around in the rain? You would think he would know the way to her house by then.

Also, I wasn't really expecting it. I was waiting for something along these lines, obviously, but it seemed a little sudden. I mean, Tia's been fighting with him all this time and hating his guts, then suddenly she is falling for him. And not just lustily, but apparently in her mind too. It just seemed like a jump out of character.

But in any case, it was really well written and I enjoyed the entire chapter. Is Bruce going to be a complication? Or is he just here for a throwaway role? Love triangle maybe? But then, it is a little late in the story for that, perhaps...

So happy to see you! Keep it up!

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