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for Lingering Thoughts

11/17/2003 c1 37Fantwriter
Nice writing, it flowed nicely.

The rhyming wasn't bad either, better than anything i could ever do.

I liked the first part, "I need to know if you really loved me...because i did not know i loved you" up to there.

The wording was nice too

Only problem was, it sounded kind of unfinished, like as if it could keep going, or did i just read it that way...? Otherwise, that's it

Great poem! ^^
11/17/2003 c1 23chocolatecreme06
I know how u feel i just went through something similar with my b/f. It hurts how everything reminds u of him doesn't it?...well Ne~ways i'm not sure if u quite captured ur feeling its kinda what some ppl like to call "safe" but it's still good.


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