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for The Haunted Staircase

5/2/2002 c1 Emma
i dont get it ::she sings to herself:: lalala
1/7/2001 c1 Ghetto Girl
Confusing...but good.
12/26/2000 c1 5graciestars321
neat story, I liked it
12/24/2000 c1 httpwww.techserv.curtin.edu.autsukiyomiclowFramesclowframes.htm
Aside from the fact it was to much like lisening to

a story and a slumber party it was good. I'd re-write

so that it was in less screenplay format.
12/23/2000 c1 70Megan
hmmmm... try a different format to upload your stories in. Paragraphs would have been very welcome in this story. The idea was very original, however, unlike the last story i've read today. It ended very quickly as well.
12/21/2000 c1 Jason S
How that was Scary.

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