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6/12/2006 c1 Anyone
Good start, but you should continue
4/13/2006 c1 47mystic-georgia
After the past 39 comments - now 40, you don't think you should carry on with this? Hehe. Good job, and please update, I love your stories and it's ashame if you leave this one all alone, open and ready for you to pounce on it. Oh well, lol.See yah around. -= peace out =-
1/25/2006 c1 2c12f
its awesome. I think you should really continue on it, as you've got some really nice starting points (The world is going to end and the lottery numbers) Great Job!
11/2/2005 c1 1The Green Knight
This is a great piece of writing! You're going on my favorite authors list and this story is going on my favorite stories list! Bravo!

Be assured that if I had found anything amiss in this story I would have commented on it. I didn't. This story is solidly written and I hope you'll write more.
8/7/2005 c1 12obsidian-ink
I really like the idea behind it, and it would be nice to see the story followed up.
7/25/2005 c1 14TookyToucan
very tantalizing... it's well written, and i'd like to see it continued, though this is looking doubtful considering the update date... but you have so many reviews! you should totally update if so much interest has been shown!
7/10/2005 c1 3Boogerbloo
i definitely think that you should continue, this is very well though, i wish i could write as good as you. Keep it up!
5/30/2005 c1 Destiny
Amazing! You must continue. You can't write something so great, so...(sighs) and then just not continue. It leaves everyone in a lurch and it's not a lurch that anyone would like.
5/15/2005 c1 4hotsauce6548
Hmm, that's interesting. Nice idea and nice flow to the story. That's all I can really say, besides saying I thik you should continue!
4/4/2005 c1 3Antiplaid
Very, very nice. I've read stories like this before but you do it with a preticular style that makes it seem like something out of a novel instead of a one shot story. I'd like to see more of this.
3/9/2005 c1 3Emerald Serpentt
Despite being a fan of open endings, personally I think this one's just begging to be continued. ^_^ It certainly works well enough the way it is, but... it's tantalizing, damnit.
3/4/2005 c1 Rain
Time loops are such an interesting plot device! I'd like you to continue this. Nice as it is open ended, I'd love to see where you plan on taking it and how David's character develops.Excellent beginning though.
2/17/2005 c1 6Zeb-the-Great
Wow, that was great. A very short but complicated story. I liked the ending a lot. You just made my day with this brilliant piece of writing, thanks a bunch buddy.
1/5/2005 c1 1Abandoned by Muses
This is really cool! i hope you update this!
12/30/2004 c1 2Ragade
Great amazing, short, simple, sweet, yet deep and expanding. I certianly hope you continue off of this, It feels that the man is right, he is reliving life...
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