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11/22/2003 c1 I Found Myself At 24
Kinda creepy, but really good all the same. I've got so many favorite lines, I'm not going to bother rewriting them as it would end ub being almost the entire thing. Good job, it's going on my faves!
11/21/2003 c1 2peppermint-kiss
very good,very real,but very sad.

cheer up k? if this poem reflects how you feel and stuff.

yep,and write more!=)
11/19/2003 c1 jers
heys. i noes wads u tokins abt. duns b so sads kx. cheer ups. u sounds so scarys ins dis poem. u noes, u wills definetlys finds a betters persons. so duns bothers to waits fors him! wads evers u do, i wills stands bys u kx. so takes cares. *hugz*

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