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for April

1/30/2004 c1 2NessaElensar
hello! all i can say is that i love it, and that we need to write some music for it. it's beautiful.
1/18/2004 c1 133S.C. Preclarus Noctis
Oh...that was awesome! I liked how you put it in a story form, kind of. I think it would've worked as a song , as well! ^.~
1/13/2004 c1 21awakedreaming
This poem is so amazing! I love the last line, "No one has ever asked her to stay." You portray April and her feelings of lonliness so well, I can relate. I like how she doesn't know what other people are feeling for her, its so true to real life.
1/12/2004 c1 7water sprite
You amaze me with your wonderful poetry! This has got to be one of your best so far (or one of my favs ^_^) Great work!
11/27/2003 c1 17Ruarc

Wow. Enough said. Amazing. Breathtaking. This is so beautliful- and the last two lines are inredible. Wonderful writing.
11/26/2003 c1 36Kittle
Wow. Great writing.
11/26/2003 c1 29Autumn tears
Woah, gave me shivers. Sad shivers. The last two lines were so sad- this would make an incredibly great song, I'd love to hear how you imagined it would be sung. It's a lovely poem as well though, I'm going to have a good cry now, *sniff* lol. Great job.
11/19/2003 c1 132Sarah Parker
Aw... I love this... it makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful and so very sweet and oh so SAD! I got all sniffly - yet again, hehe - reading this... *sniffs!* These four lines particularily make me want to cry:

"And then he knew that he'd never forget

The way she smiled, and he'd always regret

He never told her, he never asked her to stay

Alone at night he wished she could hear him say"

They're just so sad and.. and.. and.. gorgeous.. and longing.. and it goes along with that say that you don't know what you've got till it's gone...

and those last two lines of the poem... *sobs!*

*HUGS* This is so beautiful.. so poetic... so lovely.. so heartwrenching... and so true. And it has deep meaning, as well. Kind of like you shoudl always tell someone how you feel. Which the people who tell you to do that, have obviously never been in that position before.. so they don't know what they're talking about. But still, it's so very swet.

*dies* three e's.

Amin mela lle! Namaarie melamin vanima HEz! *HUGS*! CHEERS!
11/19/2003 c1 292Fabian Cortez
Wonderful piece of writing; nuff said.

I'd value your opinion of some of my pieces if your interested.




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