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8/30/2005 c1 The Great Cali haha
Since I'm too lazy to edit and post a response to your review about the tridaggers, I'll review a response...I could've sworn I described them at some point in the book. But whateva - they remind me of sais (ever seen Daredevil? The weapons Elektra fights with), but they're not quite...if you want, drop me an e-mail and I'll send you a drawing I did of one. -Cali =)
8/29/2005 c15 karen
i've been follwin yr story...n i cried wen i read the endin...it was soo touchin..i cried in several parts of the story as well..god damn yr too good..even as i type tis review the keyboard is wet with tears..i really love yr story..and your writin i guess..im gonna start readin al the stories u posted here..n when u publish yr book..(finally..when will tat ever happen!),tell me..i'll go buy it..if it's in singapore already that is..by the way..i left my email..pls drop me an email..(if yr free tat is..) whenever u update yr story or post new stuff,,hey gal..i love ya!(and yr stories off cuz..haha..=p) also..keep rockin with yr bf..dun forget us reviewers!=DD love ya story.
8/29/2005 c15 1AznDoofus
Okay this is a great stroy but, What the heck is a Tri-Dagger!I googled it, i asked friends, cant seem t o figure out
8/25/2005 c15 4MoondustWolf
Why am I reviewing this?

(But btw, maybe you should tell people how to review and the START of the fic . . .)
8/25/2005 c14 MoondustWolf
Happy, happy, happy . . .and then the ending. But it had to end that way. Yea Treaven, Yay Iris, Yea Heaven, Yay Earth.(And Yay Crys!)
8/25/2005 c13 MoondustWolf
I love Crys being in on everything. ^^ And Iris is finally really adjusting. Yayness!
8/25/2005 c12 MoondustWolf
Iris and Neal! Yay! And . . .I can't think of anything else to say.
8/25/2005 c11 MoondustWolf
Yeah, Earth is good. Kitties are awsome. And Crys, because she's based on me, rocks.
8/25/2005 c10 MoondustWolf
How can you make us sit through two chapters that end like THAT? So sad. Good, but how DARE they exile her. So they had to. I. Don't. CARE!
8/25/2005 c9 MoondustWolf
God . . .God . . .just. . .Gaah. Holyfu*king sad. *snif* *wail* *sob* And I don't think I saw the piano bit before. That was . . .'SSOSADWAAH!
8/25/2005 c8 MoondustWolf
*shudders* Even though I hate him- poor Kaden. But what I really can't stand now is all the wonderfull fluff between Iris and Treaven. *closes eyes, takes deep breath, and goes to next chapter*
8/25/2005 c7 MoondustWolf
Poor Iris. Very cute. But- *singsong voice* I kno what's comming . . .I know what's coming . . .
8/25/2005 c6 MoondustWolf
I wanna be an Angel, too. And I want Kaden to train me. We're turning this into a movie after it's published, hon.
8/25/2005 c5 MoondustWolf
Strobe ROCKS! And oh the Iris and Treaven fluffyness . . . it's fluffy. *gives Muse innocent look*
8/25/2005 c4 MoondustWolf
Woo, Sniperman! Aww, love. It really is too bad that- *Muse tackles her also*
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