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12/17/2003 c1 Bulma-Chan
Hey gurl! I would sign in and give you a signed review but you kno...having forgotten all mai info...that's not gonna happen. ^^; Oh well but here go your review.
I lyke I lyke! I'm already hooked! Not nice of you to leave meeh hanging lyke dis either, but I'm not one to talk. I always leave mai FP projects alone. _ Hope you're nothing lyke meeh. You gotta update. Meeh lykie! You can't just give meeh the first chapter and no more. It's lyke you said Ish lyke giving someone cookies and no milk I'ma want more you kno!
Well 'nuff of mai mouth. Hope you pick this story up again. I'll be first in line, as always, wanting more. ^^
Holla back! And keep up the good work.
~*~ Luv always,
11/20/2003 c1 N-sama
^^ Sounds great. Lol, Im the baby of that 15-18 great. The 13 year old ^^;

Great story so far! Aww. I want to meet the real Estelle.

Nicole must meet Estelle! And Bertha! And Trunks! XD He still doesn't sound like a Julian
11/20/2003 c1 7Valkyrie
Hey, this is good! A bit sad at the beginning but i really got into it. Keep it up and update soon! ^^

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