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for Sing a Little Song

1/15/2004 c2 AlienVision
FINALLY U UPDATED! YAY! ok, first thing...how old is carrie? and next point...instrument? thats why it took u so long? that is the lamest excuse i ever heard...please pardon my use of harsh language but...come on! u can come up with better excuses like that! for example, my parents bought a dog, it ripped up my story chapter, which i wrot eout, so my parents returned the dog. i was so heartbroken that i couldnt post up the next chapter...
example two: i just didnt feel like it.
Example three: too much homework
Example four: my imaginary friend died of -, and i was too busy grieving than to write this chapter.
the final example: "sorry." no better excuse than this one, and u dont even have to come up with any real excuses too! just apologize! and itll stop u from telling outrageous or very lame excuses...
this chapter was short - but good. i liked it. please update sooner next time. i updated some of my stories... i think. im writing some more to "Wishing". its pretty cool, it was of the spoiled guy who hates green peas's daughter. its going on well...i havent posted any of it yet...*sighs* i got exams next week...
great chapter! update soon!
1/15/2004 c2 30Three Cornered Hat
YAY! You finally updated. This was a very short chapter, but hey, I know you're busy. I am too. ::coughs sheepishly about her own lack of updates:: I didn't catch any typos, so all in all; good job.
11/23/2003 c1 7dragon of the wind
Sad...and EXTREAMLY short, but for some strange seeming-like-mind-control reason i like it.
11/20/2003 c1 30Three Cornered Hat
I have to say, this is a very very short short story. Its very good though, and I agree with your other reviewer, please continue!
11/20/2003 c1 AlienVision
ok, u have to update...bout now...this'll go on my fav. stories list if u update...and if u promise to continue this story...how does that sound?

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