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6/22/2005 c1 29Hangman
This poem is quite interesting in that it COMPLETELY COPIES ME!Only joking. It reminded me a lot of my style, except not so freaking angsty. I liked this piece because it was so crisp and clean. It just seemed to make sense and at the same time confuse the hell out of my slower, non-ADD mind. Oh, btw there is no such thing as ADD so dont accept any medication.Im serious.

4/10/2005 c1 84Escapist
I'm pretty sure I have ADD tendencies, at least. & I laughed out loud at the joke in the summary. Ha.

The beginning pulls you into the comical part of it, the middle is stunning in such a random sort of way, and the end brings it full circle.
6/15/2004 c1 taintedwax
All the subjects flow so... smoothly.
Go fly- flying is good, freedom in the sky- don't fall
I'm not quite certain how to explain the emotion induced by this poem- the closest one that comes to mind would be either nostalgia, but a bit more current- a longing. I'm not quite sure.
It's pretty though (and I mean no offense in using so simple a word- pretty is just a plain word, but it is innocent and beautiful as such.)
6/8/2004 c1 subhumans8
funny as shit! heh this is just how my friend is, but he kicks ass so i dont care...coolo poem! im sending it to my friends! heh
1/23/2004 c1 Laksha
Hehe, cute. I really like the adjectives you used. I also like how it seems written exactly like a thought, sort of mixed up. Great job!
1/13/2004 c1 8strongwind
i really liked this and since you specificlly asked for reviews with a point i will just say that it was good and my friend who has add is sorta like this. wait- here is the constructive critiscem: i didnt get the last line - did you mean that oh no im dreaming again, or what.
anyway- except for that or even with that- i love this poem!
1/4/2004 c1 ilsa
Interesting concept. Well-executed. Good job!
1/2/2004 c1 Morbid Speculation
"Not perfect, imperfect
Can't figure it out
Do you know what this means?
I'll tell you-
Whisper me away
I'm falling, weeping, bleeding
Afraid to dare."
That was by far the most powerful part of your poem, in my opinion. This is quite the sad and touchy subject, but I really like this poem and it truly fits with the concept here. I loved your imagery too.
^^;; Oh, and thanks for the review on my morbid poem. Yeah, that line kinda ruined the flow, but I couldn't really think of anything. Heh, but domou arigatou.
Keep it up.
Ja Ne.
12/2/2003 c1 Charlie86
I love your descriptions particularly the way you decsribe butterflys wings as soft as silk. Not sure about the ending though, doesn't seem to fit the rest of the poem.
11/20/2003 c1 47Mac Attack
I like this poem Kat. It describes you perfectly. Don't forget to do your homework! Oh wait, too late. HAHA. just kidding. Well i posted up a short story I wrote, I think you would like it. You should check it out. Anyhoozles, time to read you finger story. I like this poem though! Randomness is bliss.

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