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for Training School for Therapists of Evil Villains

10/21/2005 c8 Uni
Thats it! you gotta update more! pweety pwleese with a chwerry on twop"!
10/21/2005 c1 Anonymous
elphaba dammit ELPHABA poor, misunderstood elphba, not this wicked witch of the west junk! READ WICKED
8/10/2005 c8 Maria
This story is hilarious! the plot is intresting, as are the characters, and you write really well. Please do update.
6/30/2005 c8 5Lily D'Arouet
we! i like!

now that i have said something quite useless in this review, i shall say yet another Really Useless Thing: i like your chapter titles.

can't wait for the next update! and, as a side note: is there a way for me to enroll in this school? get back to me "at your earliest convenience."

blessed be, lily
6/30/2005 c1 Lily D'Arouet
i just started this story today (i like it already, truth told), and i have a question: for the wicked witch of the west, are you using the version from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" or the version from "Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West"? you might want to clarify that for those chosen few who know about the both of these incarnations.

anyway, i really enjoy this story. on to the other chapters!

blessed be, lily
2/15/2005 c8 10Neshomeh
Hm, TBO is Prince Rillian from Narnia, isn't he? The snake necklace, only being allowed out at night... Hm.

Of course, I could be wrong, but he was the only evil-ish person I could think of.

Incidentally, the Not-So-Random Capitalization is painful, but I get the impression that there's a point to it somewhere. I hope you continue with this story at some point. It's interesting to see people trying to restore villains to evil-ness instead of trying to make them good. Now, I must say that I'm fond of the therapy angle, but I am strictly an anti-hero person. I know when someone is a villain and therefore a waste of time. Voldemort, for example. No way in Hades he wants to be loved and accepted. Feared and respected, maybe, but that's it. Severus Snape, on the other hand... *Really Big Grin*

See ya.

2/8/2005 c8 3FurballofEvilness
I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to review you! I love this story! ^^

Yay for the matrix and mysterious paintball guns!

^^ You are still the awesomness. *gives sprite*
1/13/2005 c8 jj
Please continue? I really like this story. It's one of the best spinoffs of OFUM I've ever read.
6/25/2004 c8 Tasari
Funfun! Keep it up. I like this a lot.
(aka Agent Glass, PPC: DMS)
6/14/2004 c8 27Proh Crepitus
Wow. Funny how I didn't know it was here but there's eight chapters of it. . . . And I thought you were on my author alert. In any case, you are now! This was very funny! ::hugs:: keep working but don't be rushed! rushed is bad. ::nods sagely::
6/14/2004 c1 Proh Crepitus
Teehee! Michaela does scare me. . . .o_O;; she's weird. I didn't notice it but I haven't been on fp.net lately. Chappie # 5 is about halfway done! yay! This was funny. Scary, but funny. See yas!
5/14/2004 c8 108Kirona of the skies
How the heck did I miss the release of chapter 7? No idea. Great chapter, tho. Can't wait to see what Miss Kate does to Sarah. Mwhahaha.
5/14/2004 c2 DMK again
Some very clever dialogue. I gotta give you props for that. I like Michaela a bit more than Sarah, methinks. Anybody who thinks flaming huge eyeballs are cool is OK in my book.
5/14/2004 c1 DrunkenMonkeyKing
Definitely an interesting concept, and I gotta see how you pull this off. Thanks for the reviews, always helps.

Michaela looks like she's in for some tough times. Can't wait to see so I shall go ahead and read the next chapter.
5/11/2004 c8 37Fantwriter
o cool! I like the story so far. Never really heard anything like it xD. Its a school, but very different idea. All hale the duddlemen! jk jk ^^
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