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4/21/2004 c1 148Moroni of the Mount of Ro
Whee! Your poems are depressing like mine! ^_^ That one was really good. Except, the thing is . . . mine are depressing. Yours are "Make me wanna cry" depressing. But, they're good. Sheesh, now I wanna write a really depressing poem . . . Hey, that sister Idea (Yes, with the BIG 'i') gives ME an Idea! ^_^ ::flounces off to write a poem about my sister:: Heh, hope you don't mind. o.O;
2/9/2004 c1 5Procyon Lotor
Hmm. Nice. Felt. I'm guessing you're the younger but...urg...thats just because I recently started caring more about my little brother. Hmm.
I like it, this one and the other one about family. [The one with the dishrag.] I really like your writing style, especially for poetry. It seems to flow a lot better than a lot I have read. Meaningful, too, eh?
Nice writing. ^_^ Oh, bydaway, I ironically enough started reading your, ah, that really randomish fic about the evilocity school, yes. I stored it in my little favorites folder to read when the homework stopped attacking me. That was a while ago, and I remembered once you reviewed mine. Perhaps I shall start up again. *glances at homework, sitting across room and waiting to pounce* Hmm.
[Post Script - Thank you tres (as in very, not as in three) much for reviewing my story. Freight train...hm...heh. Thx.
12/17/2003 c1 hopedestroyssouls
good. :) emotional
12/17/2003 c1 hopedestroyssouls
good. :) emotional
11/22/2003 c1 1Twigstime
NICE! Keep writing, you have talent. From a fellow poet- here's to you!

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