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for Annoyance, Thy Name is You

8/9/2004 c1 31Grevola
Definite venting here I see... Is it about your mother? It kind of sounds like the way you inteact with her (at least as I've witnessed it) any way, coolness and all that.
2/21/2004 c1 Stephen Fierce Publications
12/4/2003 c1 8SeverusSnape1
Wow, this sounds exactly like someone who annoys my group of friends. It describes her exactly! Great poem!
11/23/2003 c1 7vanderhall
I'm gonna let myself believe that you put this up for me, to help me deal with that particular annoyance that you've writen about. I HATE HER! haha

Seriously though, I can't stand her at all - I can't even begin to. She still reads everything she writes, even when it has nothing to do with the writing prompts. Ugh. I HATE HER! hmm...I said that already.

Anyway, read chapter 7 of Petite Fille Lebrulee and I'll love ya forever (although I already do!). Ta ta hunny bunny! ~VDH
11/23/2003 c1 63Taka and Keichirou

11/22/2003 c1 27Moon Element
It was kind of sad and even though I feel really bad saying this, I know someone who I want to say this too. You really got the way you feel about this person across. Nicely depicted.

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