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for two in one

3/20/2004 c1 16grim'alkin
hey sleptlate! sure, sure i'd be honored if you added this to your fav.s thank you much!
3/20/2004 c1 3sleptlate
whoa. *mouth drops open in amazement*
i truly can relate to this...
ps. i'm adding it to my fave stories list, if its okay?
12/21/2003 c1 54TalieZ
Its me again. Still not my stle of poem, but i did like these two. It was deep, and did have meaning in the words, both of the poems were good, and i mean that.
12/20/2003 c1 29slumberdoll
nifty poem. keep up the good work. ;)
11/25/2003 c1 psyche-prodigy
...O_O...(totally speechless) *scribbles things onto a blank paper* INSPIRATION!

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