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for The Social Graces of Being Sinister

8/18/2004 c2 18Val Mora
Wouldn't it be kind of difficult to gut someone with a wooden arrow shaft?
So why was Noel going to be burnt? Because he had been changed, because the priest was a jerk, or because he'd been consorting with vampires?
You haven't updated in a while, but I'm still hoping for one. *smile*
12/2/2003 c2 1Rhys
I'm completely entranced. This is...lovely. It reminds me fiercely of Oscar Wilde, which is a fantastic thing, since he happens to be my favorite author. Your writing isn't thick like his was (not a bad thing) but you get the same Aesthetic Movement feel when you read it. Very, very interesting, and deliciously immoral.
11/27/2003 c2 rachel
ohohohoh, you have to continue! the next chapter's title sounds so beautiful. i love this chapter, everything flowed so perfectly.
11/25/2003 c2 12IHJ
Oh, wow, DEFINITELY different from Danse Macabre. Noel's not as self-confident as before and charismatic. Nice to see trials vampires experience, besides just their innate charm.

Ah, good chapter. I do hope you update regularly. :D

Izzy J.
11/25/2003 c1 IHJ
*happy laugh* So great you're restarting/continuing Danse Macabre! I'm rereading that story first, so I can just see the differnce in a year's time. (Makes sense? I didn't think so either. :) )

Well, I'll get right onto reading the next chapter. Thank you!

Izzy J.

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