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2/20/2012 c21 nerdynear
i know it has been years since you have worked on this story, and i can only hope that you will hear my voice and update! Please and thank you!
7/11/2010 c21 Night-Rayne
This seems like it could be interesting but you do need to deferentiate from the Hunchback of Notre Dame a bit more
5/5/2009 c21 xxCandlelightxx
i like your style
6/28/2008 c21 Kaybookworm
The wait is unbearable! Please! NEED MORE! You're doing great, and I'd love to read more!
2/24/2005 c21 2Nyssa Damaskinos
I'm lovin your story! Phillip is such a sweetie and Annika has such spunk! I love her! Please update soon, I would love to know what happens next! Yay!
6/29/2004 c21 3LadySapphireNight
This is a good story- keep updating!
6/28/2004 c21 7Liriel87
Yes it could be longer. . . but what can ya do? Eck whats going to happen now? and i dont remember Bustulo at all! hehe whats going to happen there? Update soon!
6/23/2004 c20 PhiloNysh
Keep Updating. Tis going really well!
6/20/2004 c7 20KalliopesMuse
So sad... good dialogue.
- Sarika
6/20/2004 c5 KalliopesMuse
I'm curious to where you got the names from... they go nicely with the story (I'm a name person). The story is progressing well and it's one of the few on fictionpress that I have bothered to read mroe than a few chapters :P
- Sarika
6/20/2004 c4 KalliopesMuse
I love the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame. Keep writing!
- Sarika
6/20/2004 c3 KalliopesMuse
Nice one as well... a bit of foreshadowing? ;)
- Sarika
6/20/2004 c2 KalliopesMuse
This chapter was good too. I love your description. It's very effective though sometimes it can be a bit repetive.
- Sarika
6/20/2004 c1 KalliopesMuse
Oh my gosh... I love this! Nice beginning you have there. It's very sad. I will read more :)
- Sarika
6/20/2004 c20 7Liriel87
Hehehehehe shes in jail and Phillip likes her! He wants to hug her, he wants to kiss her. . . sorry i just watched ms. congeniality and thats a freakin awesome movie! And this was an awesome chapter i cant wait for the next!
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