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for An Anthology of Darker Lyrics

12/2/2003 c2 1heros solitude
okies I just like to ask you if you'd give me your email cause I would like to email you yo. So yeah. mwarf. you want to know the reason: well it's cause you are a good writer and you have cool interests yo!
my email is
11/26/2003 c3 19Azrae
I'm starting to fall in love with your work. I admire the way you twist things around and tie them all in so they mold this unique figure - all your own. I've never really seen anything like this work out so well. I've seen authors and songwriters try but this is something else. I find a morbid sort of humor in this and I'm rather fond of it. Once again, great job.
11/26/2003 c7 Azrae
Lol I love this one. =) Brilliant! *applauds*
11/26/2003 c5 Azrae
I really like this one. Deep and abstract in its own way. I love it.
11/26/2003 c6 21the unsightly
good stuff.. i can tell you are a good writer except i think the talent would be better used on stories and not songs, but thats only me. i wish i could write like that..you should sell those lyrics to like..a band or something, they'd use em. rock on..

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