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2/23/2004 c9 6concordance
Haha, just decided to stop here before I continued, and drop you a line to prove I am not lazy lol.
'Tis good so far, pretty interesting, although I don't really like Chris for some reason... But your use of first person POV throughout is great, it's so straight-forward.
Yeah, well, o.k, I'm kinda at school right now and have to go sorry about the lack of...useful-ness in this review, I'll be back some time and try to make it up.
But hey! At least I only have two more chapters to go before I'm caught up with you! (been behind in a lot of story reading lately lol)
And I'm not lazy!
2/23/2004 c11 4Emidot
I think your story's v. good and I can't wait til the next chapter. I just think your writing is a bit stilted and repetitios sometimes. Also, I likd the idea of it being from the teacher's perspective, even if he is a complete arsehole.
2/22/2004 c7 heavenleigh5
i like the argument thing, and the fact they are to be "married". its a cool idea (depending on who you're married to of course).
I've updated to pls have a look.
HeavenLeigh xx
2/22/2004 c11 vanburen
your main character is really funny...also conceited and mean, and if he were real, I'd have to hurt him. But since he's not, I love him.
2/21/2004 c11 10ment
come on don't seem so down, LoL! marriage is a happy time full of stress and yelling and fighting...LoL. oh and don't forget you have to EAT at the ceremony, if you just sit and sleep it'll be boring...what if they make you dance? LOL...sorry if i'm no comfort but i'm always forced to dance! good luck with your speech, but dont mention the part where you think he's too immature for his age! LoL, i hate wedding speeches, up until my brother's (the one who got married last year) i didn't have to make any speeches cause they thought i was too young, but my stupid sister-in-laws mother made me say one, it was embarrassing! LoL...do you like your future in-laws?
okay so about the chappie...
ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT, i never knew chris could be such a funny asshole! sure sure he was an asshole to her, but it was hilarious to read! playing the role of 'too beautiful too dumb', thinking all cheapish for the date and the final part was so so so funny!
i can't believe he made her break her heels and he stained her dress...i can't wait to see how melissa reacts when she hears about their 'wonderful' date LoL!
bye bye
2/21/2004 c11 2Angelic Eden
This getting more interesting by the second. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!
2/21/2004 c5 vanburen
I love your story, it's very original, witty, and entertaining!
2/21/2004 c11 3purple sea
Aren't you even gonna put in some romance in there, maybe with one of his student. Hint, hint.
2/20/2004 c11 kristina toffland
you just write in a way that keeps me wanting more, keep up the good work!
2/19/2004 c11 2Scarlett Letter17
I liked the chapter the best so far! Karen got what was coming to her. Chris is so cool.
2/19/2004 c11 49Endowment's Seraph
well, yes you are that cocky, and I thought this chapter was great, ha! I would love to do that to someone! but that's just me. i'll be reading your other story really soon. k?
2/19/2004 c11 13Coral Chimera
Heya, nice chap. Your work tends to get more descriptive, I can see the writer within. You're very in-touch with your plot, you can really feel the story. Well that's what I think. Wendy and Liss can go on thinking n talking SO fast! Our beloved insomniac finally agress he needs sleep, thank heavens he's becoming normal...LOL...Anyhows, my e-mail inbox is hungry, and I'm putting up a new poetry piece after this- maybe you could check it out? Good luck dude, talk to you soon!
Sher Reen
2/19/2004 c11 Ti
i'd call ur story unique because if i were ryting this i wouldnt b ryting from the teacher's point of view, but the student's. mayb i'd even do third person. its kind of weird... but in a GOOD way. can u email me when u update? my addy is Dark_Princess786@msn. com
2/18/2004 c11 kristina toffland
hey! glad you updated! keep up the good work! talk to ya lataz
awesome job!
2/18/2004 c11 Agathy
Yay, I was wondering when you'd finally update this story. I really liked this chapter, mostly because it was hilarious when Chris was thinking up ways to purposefully screw up the date- and then he did anyway. And you deserve all the reviews you can get, too. Well anyway, thanks for another great chapter and I hope you update soon!
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