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5/28/2005 c12 11arachibutyrophobia
"Ice cream means depression." Ah, yes. the ice cream. Too true. will continue reading later...
5/28/2005 c9 arachibutyrophobia
"but when it comes to socializing with people, who not even know the name of our President" ...who DO not even... well, i guess the way you have it is okay, but it doesn't sound as realistic, perhaps... good chappie. sorry if i sound like a broken tape recorder lol.
5/28/2005 c7 arachibutyrophobia
lol. one couple only fights in their 'marriage', the other makes out. How sad, indeed. and it's only a week into the class...
5/28/2005 c5 arachibutyrophobia
"Balance was swayed back and forth as she swayed from leg to leg." Odd sentence, really... love how all the different stories are put together.
5/28/2005 c4 birdytamel
my fav quotes:

" Increasing the ego of a teacher is quite vital if you need those extra points." cute. Is that what goes on in teachers' minds? How... interesting. a bit disturbing, perhaps lol.

I like how you showed what the MC looks like. its more visual in a way, as the MC sees himself through his eyes, as it gives insight to him character as well as details readers are curious about.

"If you were my wife, of course I would come here. I would have to come home drunk to stand thinking about coming home to someone like you!" Thats one way to look at it...

"Why is it that the female race is always ahead of the men when it comes to understanding human psychology?" ::snickers:: as a girl, i'm forced to agree with that ^^

reading on...
5/28/2005 c3 birdytamel
great chappie... really interesting POV, very different. reading on...
5/28/2005 c2 birdytamel
um...chapter 1 and chappie 2 got switched, you may want to fix that. either that or my comp is just up to it's usual tricks...
3/8/2005 c1 arachibutyrophobia
very cute! taking health nxt year...doubt it will be anywhere near as entertaining as i feel this class will be...

12/10/2004 c19 8Hotkitty
i went on holiday, had no idea u updated lolz. cool chappie. well, since u asked 4 advice, no offence but it needs a bit of spicing up cuz ur style is wiked but it seems like the plot ent going anywhere at sum points and some of the more previous chappies sounded more like fillers, but i liked this chappie. im intrested now! lolz. UPDATE SOONI wish we could get some of the teenagers' points of views tho, im a sucker 4 teen romance lol.
12/4/2004 c19 11Luv and Peace
HEY! Ive been bz with school work so i wans't able to review ur work earlier. other than that, wow! its still funny, but i think life is catching up/ the italian part was halarious. update soon!
11/19/2004 c19 3kat6528
okay truthfully im completely lost w/ the story now. seriously i really should reread it. but it was kinda short and jsut to the point. Except with the whole acting seen. The whole "gay" thing reminds me of the movie "Far From Heaven"
9/12/2004 c19 18Alcapacien
Aw...poor him! Man that totally stinks that she's going with someone else...can't wait for more!
9/10/2004 c19 Keahi
hello! sorry i havent reviewed in SO long! I was reaally busy. anyways, really good story so far. the couples are soo funny! This Jessica girl is very scary...o_o
please post soon! i cant wait to see what happens next!
9/6/2004 c19 6Estelle Stafford
Insteresting development. Who would have that brock would fall for a geek, and the teacher Melissa? I love it. The role playing scene is funny.
8/29/2004 c1 1rock 'n' roll junkie
lol, that was hilarious. Pretty good start so far! Keep up the great work.
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