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2/25/2004 c1 47My Mental Disaster
Wow...I just found you through a reveiw...of someone who reveiws me...I'm sorry it took me so long. The stuff you write is amazing...this is beutiful and deep without being hypermetaphorical. I was in a situation very similar to this once...you portray the emotion well...you sound like an interesting person...if you wanna talk, email me.
12/28/2003 c1 Shaisy
This is an awesome poem! I love it...I really like how you used "i learn from you". that was amazing...it created an awesome effect! Very good!
12/19/2003 c1 91Ebony Dea
Oh my god! I love it. I'm the youngest in my family and I always have to live up to my bros and siss. So I try to copy what they did to show my parents I'm not so bad. I know how she feels about cutting. It is a relief.
11/30/2003 c1 ChristyKay
oh. . . that is sad. bitter sweet. It's true, I never pay attention to how much my brother looks up to me. I love the way the words flow together. Great job!
Oh, and thankyou much for the review. ^_^
11/29/2003 c1 53Punky Monkey
Goos poem, the final line finishes it off perfectly. Keep writing :)
11/29/2003 c1 2Hexic
whoa... very... insightful. I like it, and i see where your coming from.
Makes me feel bad... cuz i'm not the best role model for my sister, but i do know she looks up to me. Uh oh...
11/27/2003 c1 40This is my stop
omg! this is amazing! i didn't even realize this was ur lili, i just looked at the summary and clicked, it wasn't till the end that i saw it was yours, and throughout it i was like on the verg of crying. this is an amazing peice lia! i love it. please don't say that you cut! please! don't cut! i am learning the hard way! really good poem. i think it MIGHT just be my favorite of yours, its... wow its amazing, i was so touched and i'm not just saying this 'cause ur like my bestest friend, it's because its true! i didn't even know this was ur story and i was blown away, and when i saw it was by you i was like "holy shit! now she's even BETTER at writing poems!" i mean before you were AWESOME but this poem... wow it blew me away, it's beautiful lili i love it! keep it up! (and i know you will!)



(this is DEFINATELY on my fav. stories)
11/27/2003 c1 patchworksniper
A very well written poem, full of emotion. I cut, and I often worry if it could be influencing my little brother.

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